Before adapting a vegan lifestyle, one must educate themselves. Of course this is important for your own knowledge because you need to understand why you are making this lifestyle change, but it’s also important so that you can educate the people who are going to question your lifestyle. Eating a plant based diet isn’t the norm, so a lot of people question the validity of the information you present to them. I like to be prepared to answer any questions I get with educated responses, so that I can effectively communicate my point. Here are my go-to resources:

Documentaries on Netflix:
– Cowspiracy
– Food Choices
– Vegucated
– Forks Over Knives
– Blackfish
– Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Other documentaries:
– Earthlings
– The Cove
– Lucent

YouTube videos:
– Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky
– 101 reasons to go vegan
– The Hardest Part About Being Vegan by The Vegan Activist
– What Vegans See by the Bite Sized Vegan

– Eating Animals
– The China Study
– Skinny Bitch
– Esther the Wonder Pig
– The Sexual Politics of Meat

– Oh She Glows
– Thug Kitchen
– Minimalist Baker Everyday Cooking
– Crazy Sexy Kitchen
– Forks Over Knives
– Loni Jane’s e-book