Chili Cheeze Nachos

*lights dim* “Hallelujah, hallelujahhhhhhHHhhh” I’ve died and been reincarnated into a nacho chip. Ok I’m a tad dramatic, but these nachos DESERVE DRAMA because they are SO. GOOD.  Continue reading “Chili Cheeze Nachos”


Easy Hummus

Zack Marker runs the food blog Stuff on Toast and is here to tell you about his favourite hummus recipe. It’s easy and it’s delicious!  Continue reading “Easy Hummus”

Four Layer Taco Dip

Mallory Fisher is a singer-songwriter and director living in Toronto, Ontario. You can find her on Instagram here. Continue reading “Four Layer Taco Dip”


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I write this recipe as I inhale two slices of this AWESOME banana bread. I’ve never made my own, so I was quite nervous that I would somehow mess it up. The good news is that I got it right on the first try AND it was so easy to do. Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Banana Bread”