Chocolate Banana Nice-Cream

I get lazy in the mornings, so I like to make something that takes minimal effort but still tastes hella good. When I found out I could have banana ice-cream for breakfast and get away with it, I was like: “I can get on board with this.”  Continue reading “Chocolate Banana Nice-Cream”


Mango Carrot Smoothie

Carrots are the best. They are good in stir-fries, as a snack (especially one for my dog, she loves them raw), and as a side with potatoes. I’ve even used carrots in a vegan cheese sauce. Yup, you heard that. It was super good too! Continue reading “Mango Carrot Smoothie”

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Normally I start my day with either a big smoothie, a smoothie bowl or oatmeal. When I have more time in the morning’s I’ll make myself some pancakes.  Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Pancakes”


Mean Green Smoothie

It’s so important to get your greens in but sometimes that can be hard. My favourite way to do this is to juice some vegetables and then add them to my smoothie!  Continue reading “Mean Green Smoothie”