Hello friends! My name is Amanda Tracey and I love food! Vegan food of course. Lots of it! I started this blog to inspire people to make delicious plant based foods that are better for our health, the animals and the environment.

Three years ago I became a vegetarian. After about six months, I came across the documentary Cowspiracy. As I was watching it I had a “holy crap!” moment and went on a researching frenzy to find out why the hell I didn’t know more about veganism. I watched multiple documentaries, read every book I could get my hands on and went vegan on January 3, 2015. Two years later, I am a vegan chef extraordinaire (or so I like to call myself) and I feel amazing! Leaving animal based products and bi-products out of my diet was the best thing I could have done for both my mental and physical health.

On my website, you will find tons of recipes, tips and information on how to live a vegan lifestyle. I hope you enjoy!